“I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the fabulous photographs–I don’t know what I was expecting but certainly nothing like this–I sat there looking at my family just stunned and sobbing at what I was seeing–your eye, vision whatever you photographers call it is amazing. Your ability to capture the essence is incredible and I was/am extremely moved–the timing of this couldn’t have been better as my wife and I have been struggling with being “empty nesters” since our daughter left for college last month. As for the pictures of me–I am not sure how to say this but they are a really special gift–I have always and I mean always (from as long as I can remember) hated having my picture taken and most often couldn’t relate to the person in the photo–and as such could never imagine how other people see me because I couldn’t see myself reflected in a way that made any sense to me–your pictures are the best pictures I have ever had taken (not because I like the way I look in them –which I do) but much more importantly because for the very first time I can see myself there–I can recognize myself and relate to that guy looking back at me– it’s a very affirming experience. Thanks again for your wonderful work.” – Chip F., Boston, Ma.

“Thank you for capturing life’s sweetest moments for us.  Whether on the beach or in your home, you have made my children feel comfortable and allowed them to be themselves in a “session”.  We will always treasure our pictures and will be grateful for how you have captured everyone’s personalities.” – Maddie H., Virginia Beach, Va.

“We received the shipment of pictures yesterday, and they are GREAT! We are very much looking forward to the coffee table book when it arrives, as well.  We really appreciate your part in providing us with such superb and lasting memories of our “little” girl…” – Jody R., Newport, RI

“The slide show made me tear up here at work! Thank you for such wonderful photos of my family. You exceeded my hopes and expectations. I am looking forward to seeing the images of Dad on his birthday – and they will certainly be even more special after his stint in the hospital reminding us that we really can’t take our time together for granted. Thank you for helping preserve those times for the years to come.” – David M., Richmond, Va.

“I had always dreamed of having beautiful, unique photos of my family–especially my children.  Lifeography made this a reality for me.  Our photos were taken at the beach, in the fall and the session was very laid back and comfortable–that came through in the details of the photos.  Stephanie was amazing with my children–she made having their pictures taken more like a game than work.  I was nervous about how all of them would look good in a photo, but little did I know, there was no need to worry!  The photos that she did for our family are such a gift and something that I will always treasure–they are not posed, and smiley, or a false display of people posing for a camera.  Instead, they are reflective of each one of us–they say something about each person who was photographed. Thank you so much for all your hard work–the photos are just what I wanted and something that I will cherish forever!  Thank you.” – SaraBeth R., Virginia Beach, Va.

“Thank you for our order!!!…We needed to smile and that made my/our day. Your package arrived and I loved the presentation! You do a wonderful job from start to finish! The boxes and the way the photos are wrapped is truly professional. I hope we can have you capture our family in images again one day.” – Leah B., Newport, RI

“She makes a photo session seem effortless as she takes photos of your baby and family.  Her gift of catching just the right moment is amazing!  Her relaxed, fun, infectious personality is a joy to work with!  She knew how to capture the true personalities of my children.  As I look at our photos I smile because the moments that I wanted to remember of my family were perfect.  Thanks Stephanie for your amazing talent expressed by your photography. You are extremely gifted!” – Camille W., Virginia Beach, Va.
“I have to admit, when my wife started talking about having “family photos” taken, I got a little nervous. All I could imagine was wearing some goofy shirt and having a photographer tell me to “say cheese!” When I met Stephanie, I felt at ease–her easy going personality was evident. Even my 3 children were at ease–she made them feel like they were just there to play. The best part was, she never said “say cheese!” When I saw the pictures I was totally amazed–she captured something about each member of my family. I had never really thought about photography as an art form until I saw the pictures–so much love and hard work went into each one. Thank you Lifeography–I never have to be nervous again!”  – Tyler R., Virginia Beach, Va.

“I love how Stephanie captures her subjects in everyday/real life expressions … these are the ways I prefer to remember my children and our family. I believe is she able to achieve this because of her warm and relaxed spirit. She has an incredible gift and does amazing work. We are so blessed to have her!” – Dawn S., Chesapeake, Va.

“You are blessed with an amazing gift! I absolutely love the slide show & can’t believe the shots you got of Sasha and I. She wasn’t cooperating that day & you made it look heavenly… there are no words to thank you for capturing those precious emotions I was feeling at that time in her life. I cried watching it the first time & my family absolutely loves them.” – Stephanie M., Tampa, Fla.

“As the mother of three rambunctious boys under the age of 6, I had given up the idea of having family pictures to decorate my living room. Photos seemed to be disappointing, expensive, and a waste of time and energy. After reading Stephanie’s philosophy and approach I decided to give it one more try. Instead of posing in an awkward studio, we were out in nature, and my boys felt right at home. The pictures weren’t forced, they were natural and to my surprise a lot of fun. When I look at the pictures I felt they captured my boys in real life which is exactly the memories I want to treasure. Mud on their jeans, wrestling in the grass and a smile on their face. They were perfect!” – Christi J., Virginia Beach, Va.

“I don’t have words to express to you how happy we are with the photos! We have watched the slide show at least six times and gone through a half a box of tissues. I haven’t seen my husband boo hoo like that in a long time. (Don’t tell him I told you that!) They are absolutely beautiful! M. looks so gorgeous. O. looks like a handsome prince. We look silly, but we don’t care! These are THE pictures we’ve been waiting and hoping for, for so long. I hope this doesn’t offend you, but my husband said, ‘That chick is good.’ That pretty much sums it up! Thank you soooooooooooooo much!” – Jennifer W., Norfolk, Va.

“What makes a picture truly great isn’ t the perfect pose or maximum megapixels, but perfectly capturing a moment. It freezes a memory and provokes emotions that can be revisited endless times. That’s what Lifeography is. That’s what Stephanie does. She captures life and freezes those moments forever. Furthermore, as any great artist does, she works with what appears to be effortless ease. We had so much fun we hardly even noticed she was there! It was more than family pictures; it was an experience we will never forget!” – Amy G., Washington, D.C.

“Stephanie’s work is full of life and love. She sees beauty all around her, in people and in the natural world. She has a wonderful gift for capturing relationships and the love between her subjects. Stephanie has an eye for composition, and her black and white photos and her colour photos are equally beautiful. I love the personality so evident in all her work.” – Jane W., Photographer

“I have been meaning to write this for ages…Stephanie is a hugely gifted photographer and was born to create amazing photographs. Her perspective is unique and she continues to stay fresh with her art. She is funny and inspiring…her portfolio is full of a diverse range of photographs… and yes, I’d hire her in a second to take pictures.” – Alpana A., Photographer

“Stephanie’s work is amazing. It takes my breath away. It makes me look and look again and again. It breathes life and soul. It makes me smile and sometimes tear up. If I had to choose one person to photograph my family, it would probably be her. You rock girl and you inspire me in more ways than you will ever know. Thank you. Lifeographer…that is exactly what you are.” – Rashmi P., Photographer

Her work is artfully done in an intuitive way that is fluid and timeless rather than cookie cutter, making it obvious how much of her heart she pours into each image. Stephanie is simply one of the best photographers I’ve ever had the privilege to know. Period.” – Amanda P., Photographer

“Stephanie rocks. She’s got such a modern, fresh style – crisp, clean shots that jump off the screen and demand to be looked at. Urban and hip, she knows how to use angles, lighting and surroundings to make her shots special. Looking through Stephanie’s portfolio is always a treat – I always leave inspired!” – Jeanette M., Photographer
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